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Find a pricing plan that fits your security needs. All tiers include the OWASP trusted unified hub for aggregating findings and actionable insights across your full DevSecOps toolchain.
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OWASP Edition

Get the leading application vulnerability management tool. Built for both DevSecOps and traditional application security.

Self-hosted $0
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  • Open-Source
  • Vulnerability Management
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Community Support
Dojo Enterprise

Tailored for corporations that need advanced security, integration, and premium support options. Built for frictionless scale.

Custom Packages
Manage an excess of 50,000 Findings/Endpoints Contact Sales
Everything in Pro +
  • Self-hosting available
  • White-glove implementation and onboarding assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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See detailed breakout features included with each DefectDojo plan.

Usage and Scale

OWASP Edition
Unlimited Product Types, Products, Engagements & Tests
Unlimited Remote Support
Unlimited Support Tickets
Unlimited Support Hours

Integration & Automation

OWASP Edition
CI/CD Automation & Tracking
Track Branch / Server / Repo
CVE and CWE Integration
Importing Scan Results
Integration with Testing Tools
JIRA Integration
Supports Manual and Automated Security Work
Slack, Teams, & Email Notifications
Security Tool Connectors
Smart Upload
Support Maintenance Window Schedule

Inventory & Management

OWASP Edition
Application inventory with Metadata
Automated Deduplication
Engagement Tracking & Calendar
False Positive Tracking of Findings
Historical knowledge of past assessments
Tagging on Multiple Levels
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Tracking
Risk Scoring and Prioritization

Reporting & Dashboards

OWASP Edition
Compliance Reporting
Custom Reporting
Engagement Reporting
Product Reporting
Test Reporting
Vulnerability Trend Metrics
Automated Report Digest
Customizable Enhanced Dashboards

Collaboration & Access

OWASP Edition
Collaboration Tools
User Access Control
SAML/OAuth Authentication

Remediation & Support

OWASP Edition
Remediation & Finding Templates
Set remediation SLAs based on the criticality
Customized Remediation Advice
Guaranteed SLA Support
Implementation Support

Pricing FAQs

Choosing the right plan for your security and vulnerability management is vital. We're here to help you find the perfect fit.

Yes. Our Pro and Enterprise plans include hosting starting at 10gb, 25gb, and up.

Yes, all our DefectDojo paid plans come with access to our implementation support team. We are here to help with your vulnerability management needs.

Yes, our commercial support includes response time SLA, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and best practice advice directly from the creators of DefectDojo. The open source version includes community-based support from the OWASP slack.

Yes, to start a trial/PoC of DefectDojo Pro, please contact us. Someone will reach out to set up a short discussion with one of our Solution Architects. We also have an OWASP community version and OWASP Edition sandbox to familiarize yourself with our platform.

Of course! Whether you're scaling up or need a more compact solution, we've got you covered.

For monthly plans, we accept major credit cards and popular online payment gateways. Transactions are secure and efficient. Please contact us to learn more about ACH or wire transfer payment options. We work with our Enterprise clients to customize each agreement to meet the needs of their organization.

With DefectDojo, transparency is our aim. The prices listed for our plans are all-inclusive. No surprise charges or hidden fees. Please Contact Us if you're interested in additional professional services like one-off feature enhancements, or intensive DevSecOps training sessions for large teams.

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