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DefectDojo, the leading open-source tool in DevSecOps with thousands of users worldwide, owes its success to the contributions of security professionals, developers, and organizations. The community's vital role in its growth and adaptation to the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape is evident. We remain dedicated to enhancing vulnerability management workflows and DevSecOps orchestration by continuously updating the software with the latest security measures, driven by user feedback,industry standards, and the open-source community.

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Getting Started with DefectDojo OWASP Edition

Downloading and installing DefectDojo

git clone

This command uses `git` to clone the django-DefectDojo repository hosted on GitHub. After executing this command, you'll have a directory named `django-DefectDojo` in your current location containing the code of the project.

cd django-DefectDojo

This command moves you into the `django-DefectDojo` directory that was just cloned in the previous step. This directory contains the source code and other related files of the `django-DefectDojo` project.


Now it is time to build the DefectDojo application for running in a Docker environment.



Next is the command for running the application

./ postgres-redis

For other profiles besides postgres-redis look at Github Docs.

To get the admin credentials, run the following fetch command (this may take up to 3 mins to complete).

docker-compose logs initializer | grep "Admin password:"
The Inner Dojo

DefectDojo Backbone

DefectDojo is more than just a codebase – it is a living testament to the passion, expertise, and commitment of a thriving open-source community. Behind every line of code, every enhancement, and every fix, there lies the hard work and dedication of maintainers, moderators, and contributors.
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson
Maintainer and Co-founder



Matt Tesauro
Matt Tesauro
Maintainer and Co-founder



Cody Maffucci
Cody Maffucci



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