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DefectDojo is our life’s work. We’ve worked on this software for 10+ years to address the biggest problem we’ve witnessed in our careers in security - security does not scale.

Without DevSecOps, the only choice a company has to scale security is to invest in headcount at 1:1 ratio. Companies hate this. This headcount strain also creates a terrible experience for security teams. It’s the primary reason for both breaches and why security sees the highest employee churn compared to traditional tech.

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DefectDojo eliminates the repetitive and mundane tasks security professionals hate doing. Further, DefectDojo is the platform and product that enables scalable security through DevSecOps. DefectDojo integrates with 170+ security tools and counting. We have a vibrant and active open source community. We also have a Pro Edition for those who are looking to achieve security automation and actionable insights with the smallest lift possible.

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Unify your security pipeline and orchestrate peace of mind with DefectDojo. We are security experts and here to help.

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