Platform Overview

Welcome to Your DevSecOps Dojo

​One platform to orchestrate end-to-end security testing, vulnerability tracking, deduplication, remediation, and reporting.

Deduplication Wizardry

Track unique vulnerabilities across builds, releases, endpoints, repositories and engagements. DefectDojo algorithms learn overtime to automatically group findings and apply changes.

  • Eliminate False Positives
  • Automatically Identify & Consolidate Duplicates
  • See Vulnerability Trends Over Time

DevSecOps Automation

Automate the tools you currently use, combine findings, and apply templates for SLAs and mitigation—all tracked to the product or product groups you define.

  • Resolve Findings to Endpoints, Components, and Apps
  • Track Vital Product & Security Information
  • Custom Security Posture Scoring

Seamless Integration with 170+ Security Tools

DefectDojo integrates with over 170 security tools and platforms including SAST, DAST, and SCA becomes a breeze, elevating your security tooling effortlessly.

Key Features

The DevSecOps platform built for security teams

Import Scan Results

Import the results of various security scans, such as static code analysis (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), software composition analysis (SCA) and other security tools.

Vulnerability Tracking

Manage and prioritize identified vulnerabilities for remediation.

Metrics and Reporting

Understand security trends with detailed metrics and reports.

Integration with Testing Tools

Integrate with over 170+ security testing tools and platforms.

Risk Scoring and Prioritization

Score and prioritize vulnerabilities based on impact and risk.

User Access Control

Ensure only authorized access with role-based controls.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with features like comments, tasks, and progress tracking.

CVE and CWE Integration

Triage beyond a single finding or endpoint. Inspect by category (CWE).

JIRA Integration

Transition from vulnerability detection to remediation with our bi-directional JIRA integration.

Compliance Reporting

Show compliance with security standards like ASVS.

PRO Features

Enhanced Tools for Critical Business Operations

DefectDojo Pro, the ultimate evolution of our platform, supercharged with additional features, enterprise scalability, and support from DevSecOps experts.
No Hidden Costs

Achieve full coverage and future-proof scale with no hidden costs.

  • Unlimited Users, Tool Integrations, and Apps
  • Dedicated Resources for Security & Performance
Slack and Email Notifications

Keep stakeholders informed with instant alerts based on criticality of findings.

  • Improve collaboration
  • Immediate alerts for key updates and milestones.
Premium Support

Support from DevSecOps experts with a firm SLA

  • Get priority assistance when you need it.
  • Access expert guidance with rapid response times.
SAML/OAuth Authentication

Provision and manage role-based user access using SSO.

  • Secure and simplify user access.
  • Leverage standardized protocols for a seamless sign-in experience.

Better Security Posture Visualization

Craft a personalized control center with DefectDojo Enhanced Dashboards, where you choose which metrics shine and customize to your heart's content.

  • Highlight tiles from "Passing Products" to "Active Critical Findings."
  • Fine-tune icons and colors by threshold values.
  • Handpick and prioritize essential metrics.

Elevate Efficiency with Smart Upload

Transform your data handling with an intelligent importer that seamlessly connects findings to your existing products.

  • Auto-match findings based on discovered hosts or endpoints.
  • Eliminate guesswork: data is automatically sorted.
  • Unmatched findings? Converted into distinct "Unassigned Finding" objects.
Coming Soon

Workflow Bliss with Rules Engine

Simplify and streamline vulnerability rule management in one unified environment, eliminating the need to juggle multiple engagements.

  • Group and modify findings across products centrally.
  • Update mitigation advice efficiently.
  • Leverage curated default rules and add as needed.
Coming Soon

Elevate Tool Integration with Sensei

Go beyond traditional connectors: Sensei actively executes tools, centralizing your results seamlessly within DefectDojo.

  • Comprehensive test coverage with best-of-breed tools.
  • Execute tools directly in-platform.
  • Auto-ingest vulnerability data seamlessly.

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