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DevSecOps, ASPM, Vuln Management All on one platform
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Connect the Dots
  • 180+ Supported Tools
  • Automate security scan aggregation, comparison, and review
  • Flexibility to rotate your preferred security tools at a whim
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Unify, Distill, & Act
  • Unify & centralize visibility for all security tools
  • Distill & deduplicate vulnerabilities to a single actionable report
  • Prioritize and manage risk
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Unlock DevSecOps Scalability
  • Make security truly scalable
  • Empower security teams to focus on strategy, not routines
  • Seamless collaboration between development, security, and leadership

30 Million+ Downloads, Trusted by Top Organizations, 180+ Supported Security Tools.

Elevate your security with DevSecOps Orchestration

DefectDojo automates away security drudgery. Our data model allows for a high level of flexibility providing continuous feedback and optimization across your entire security program and DevSecOps pipeline.

We seamlessly blend security into every step of your development cycle. Developers can catch errors early to ensure that the applications you develop are free from vulnerabilities and promote a proactive security culture within your team. With real-time insights and analytics, you can constantly refine your approach, leading to a more efficient and resilient DevSecOps environment.

Get More from Your Tools

We store, normalize, and deduplicate results from over 180 security tools and convert them to a single actionable report. With less noise in the system, your DevSecOps activities are prioritized to match the SLAs you set.

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Upgrade to DefectDojo Pro today to take your DevSecOps to 11. DefectDojo Pro is designed to meet you wherever you are on your security journey and help you scale, with enhanced dashboards, additional smart features, tunable deduplication, and support from DevSecOps experts.

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DefectDojo believes deeply in Open Source software. We are the trusted solution for security pros who need to aggregate, automate, and connect their data to assess their security posture and manage risk. DefectDojo is the go-to tool for DevSecOps orchestration and vulnerability management, featured on the Open Source Security Index as one the most popular and fastest growing open source security projects on GitHub.

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